Our philosophy



When we talk about originality, we often hear "what is different from the common, stands out of the ordinary."

But the word has also a deeper meaning: "something that comes from its author or its source, which is not a copy, a reproduction, a translation, a recast, a reinterpretation...".

G. Kero's pieces and drawings are originals in both senses of the word. There are the creations of an artist Marguerite Bartherotte, signed with her artist name "G. Kero".

G. Kero is not a brand offering impersonal and anonymous prints.

You know where it comes from and what you are buying and who designed the pretty drawings you are wearing.

When you wear a shirt or a blouse printed with small surfers, you wear an original piece.

Marguerite Bartherotte aka G. Kero created this graphic composition in 2013 with the idea of multiplying the small surfers by sequencing them like freeze-frames in different positions, removing all the decorative features that we were used to find on this type of subject (palms, sea, animals etc.).

This graphic composition is the figment of her imagination and her artistic research.

There were no similar garments before this model was created by G. Kero.

You will now find numerous imitations of these little surfers as well as other original drawings by G. Kero, for example of her dancers, her skiers, or her beach surfers, but when you wear G. Kero you wear the original piece.

If you pay close attention to details, you will immediately notice the richness of the graphic composition, its freshness and spontaneity.

When you buy G. Kero you are not simply a customer, a consumer, but also a collector.

And we thank you for encouraging and promoting the artistic creation, the independence, the freedom and the originality.


Numbered editions.


Inside each of G. Kero's pieces you will find a label with its serial number and the year of edition.

G. Kero edits limited series of pieces so that you can wear a rare one.

We are unique, why shouldn't we be allowed to wear unique clothes?


Designed in France, printed in Italy and manufactured in Portugal in environmentally friendly workshops.


All of the drawings of the brand "G. Kero" are created by the same artist, Marguerite Bartherotte alias "G. Kero".

Marguerite draws the collections in her workshop in Cap-Ferret, or at her friends' places. Bohemian artist always on the move, she also creates during her travels.

The designs are printed on high quality materials by the printers of the Haute Couture brands in Italy.

These materials are then sent to Portugal to be manufactured in environmentally friendly and human-scaled workshops. These workshops are exclusively family workshops with whom we have friendly relations.

We remain faithful to these workshops which are manufacturing our creations with passion and love their craft.

We do not seek to obtain the lowest prices on the market, but we favour a fair price, quality and human exchanges.


G. Kero doesn't go on sales.


In view of the particularly strong impact of industrial activities on the planet today, it is unconceivable to keep producing unreasonably.

We became aware of this fact as soon as we started our brand.

This is why we avoid overproduction, produce little, and we do not encourage excessive consumption through sales.

We consider the pieces we create as lasting small works of art. Out of respect for our art and our work, out of respect for those who spend time manufacturing these pieces and out of respect for those who finally buy and wear them, we avoid devaluing our creations by going on sales.

To buy less but to buy better is the action for the environment that we want to encourage.




Every year, G. Kero donates about one hundred of pieces to charities that market them in order to raise funds to help the most needy. Since its inception, the brand has participated in the good deeds of the Arcat foundation, fighting against AIDS, Charitic Angels, and Ma Bonne étoile...

If you have generous ideas or if you would like to propose partnerships of solidarity, please contact us: contact@gkero.fr


G. Kero is not just a clothing brand, it's a project, like a song, written with drawings that come to life when you wear them.

The key word of this project is freedom.